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2020 Ringette BC Communications

Ringette BC has been actively communicating with Associations and ringette families throughout the COVID-19 lock down. All COVID-19 communications are posted below:

June 30th, 2020 – Message from the Chair of Ringette BC

Ringette BC will continue to post the updates as they are communicated to families and Associations. Follow us on social media for additional updates that are being shared and posted on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Policy Advisory

Update to Ringette BC’s Concussion policy. Ringette BC will now accept Making Headway in Sport as well as the Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT).

Please read the policy update advisory for details.

Memo - Ringette Canada regarding Comp Dev at Nationals

Ringette Canada memo regarding the change in Professional development credits and attendance for coaches at Canadian Ringette Championships can be found on the Coaching page of the Ringette BC website or use the link provided.

Memo to the President’s of all Ringette BC Associations,

  1. RE: code of Conducts

Dear Presidents

Further to discussions at the 2016 Annual General meeting, Ringette BC has made adjustments to the Code of Conducts and has introduced a new code of conduct for General Volunteers.  The Codes of Conduct policy has not changed.  The revised codes and the new code are now posted on the Ringette BC website (  The codes posted on the website are the codes that are to be used starting this playing season.  The Codes are attached to this memo for your information and distribution as you see fit.

  1. RE: Registration Acknowledgement

Dear Presidents

The delegates to the 2016 Annual General Meeting gave Ringette BC the task of implementing policies that would assist club Associations to respond effectively to instances of misconduct by their members. In response to this assignment, Ringette BC has implemented a requirement that all adults registering to play Ringette in BC or who are registering their children to play Ringette in BC acknowledge they know the standards of conduct of Ringette BC anyone involved with the game or watching the game.  The acknowledgement includes the list of penalties that may be applied for misconduct.  The Registration Acknowledgement form has now been included with Karelo registration.  Any registrations for the 2016-17 season that occurred prior to the implementation of the acknowledgement requirement will be sent the acknowledgement by the Ringette BC Office.  Registrants are asked to sign the acknowledgement and give it to their Registrar with their registration. The Association Registrars should keep the signed Acknowledgements.  This is an interim step.  We anticipate that for registration for the 2017-2018 season and onwards, the Acknowledgement will be entirely electronic and will not require in the involvement of the Association Registrars.

November 17 Board of Directors of Ringette BC passed the following resolution: Be it resolved that Ringette BC policy be amended to read that a fine of twice the Provincial Championships Tournament fee plus up to $2500 fine be levied against teams which withdraw from attending any of the Calibers of play of the Provincial Championships.


Please read the Memo regarding the coaching credentials for the up-coming season. 

Memo – Coaching Credentials UPdated 2016

This is why we play Ringette!

Follow this link to Youtube:

Go Lilli!!

Looking for that perfect example of how to set a legal pick or making a leading pass, check out Steve Saito’s You Tube library of Ringette games. This an awesome way to see great Ringette from the comfort of your computer. Here’s the link: