Insurance Policy information for Ringette BC’s Membership Insurance Program.

Supplementary Benefits
(as described herein)
Maximum Amount Payable
Any One Accident
Prosthetic Appliances$3,000
Blanket Medical Expense Reimbursement$10,000
Rehabilitation Benefit$3,000
Tuition Benefit$2,000
Special Treatment Travel Expense Benefit$1,000
Out of Province – Excess Surgical and Medical Accident Benefits (applicable only within Canada)$10,000
Emergency Transportation Benefit$50
Eyeglass & Contact Lens Expense$100
Blanket Dental Accident Reimbursement$5,000
Dentures, Hearing Aids and Removable Teeth Expense$200
Fracture or Dislocation Benefit
(including Greenstick Type Fracture)
of the skull (depressed)$500
of the skull (not depressed)$500
of the spine (one or more vertebrae)$250
of the lower jaw (alveolar process accepted)$75
of the upper jaw$75
of the shoulder (dislocation)$50
of the clavicle (collar bone)$75
of the scapula (shoulder bone)$75
of the elbow$50
of the hip$125
of the pelvis$125
of the thigh (femur)$125
of the knee cap$100
of the sacrum or coccyx$100
of the sternum$50
of the leg (tibia or fibula)$100
of the upper arm (humerus)$100
of the forearm (radius or ulna)$100
of the hand or wrist (other than phalanges)$100
of the foot (other than phalanges)$100
of the ankle$50

Note: Physiotherapy Limit – Treatment by a legally qualified physiotherapist is limited to $30.00 per visit to a maximum of $300.00 per accident.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits

where an accident causes death or any of the following losses within 365 days of the accident, the Insurer will pay for such loss.

Maximum Amount Payable
Any One Accident
2Loss of two or more limbs or total and irrecoverable loss of sight of both eyes or hearing in both ears or any combination thereof$20,000
3Loss of one limb or total and irrecoverable loss of sight of one eye or total hearing of one ear$15,000
4Loss of thumb or index finger$2,000
5Quadriplegia (complete paralysis of both upper and lower limbs)$20,000
6Paraplegia (compete paralysis of lower limbs)$20,000
7Hemiplegia (complete paralysis of upper and lower limbs on one side of the body)$20,000
8Any injury which prevents the Insured from engaging in any occupation or employment for which he/she is reasonably suited by education, training or experience continuously for a period of 12 months from the date of the accident and is deemed to be permanent or irrecoverable$20,000

Important Note:

Benefits with regards to quadriplegia, paraplegia, and hemiplegia require total paralysis of the limbs which shall have been continuous for a period of 12 months from the date of the accident and is deemed to be permanent and irrecoverable.

Indemnity provided with respect to items 1) through 8) will not be paid under any circumstances for more than one of the losses, the greatest, sustained by any one insured as the result of any one accident.