Find out about Ringette BC’s Membership Insurance Program by viewing frequently asked questions.

BC Ringette provides its members with up to $8,000,000 in commercial general liability (CGL) insurance coverage, along with a Participant Accident (PA) policy. Please note, for each claim or incident, an insurance deductible may apply. A deductible is a self-retention or amount of funds you must remit to make a claim. We would like to kindly remind you that the standard deductible is currently $1000 (one-thousand) and can vary depending on the type of loss/claim.

Liability Insurance
No matter how careful you are accidents can happen. You (as a volunteer) or your association and/or league can be sued by someone who claims injury or damages resulting from your operations and activities. These suits can be filed by participants, parents, members, the general public and others. The Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance coverage provided by BC Ringette as part of its provincial membership program is designed to provide protection against settlement costs and associated legal costs to defend any actions taken against directors or volunteers (BCRA members) of associations and/or leagues.

Participant Accident (PA) Insurance
BC Ringette’s Participant Accident policy provides protection for participants in various BCRA, league or association programs in the event they sustain injury. Injuries can result in the need for dental work, prescription drugs, physiotherapy, crutches, ambulance service, etc. Details on specific benefits provided by BC Ringette’s membership insurance program as well as plan limits can be found in the insurance policy information section of our website. Our plan also provides benefits for any participant who is more seriously injured. Please note, this is tertiary medical insurance and not primary medical insurance. The PA insurance is only triggered after all limits under BCMSP and any extended health plan have been exhausted.


In General
Liability insurance coverage implies a negligent act may have been committed. Participant  Accident coverage responds when an injury occurs, without regard to any wrongdoing or negligence. Participant accident is triggered after BCMSP and any extended health plan is exhausted. A single claim may involve both coverages.

All RBC registered members are covered. This includes local, regional and provincial executives, managers, coaches, trainers, officials, volunteers and participants. RBC registration is confirmed by inclusion in Ringette BC membership registration database. RBC allows for a short grace period for local association entry of registered members into the RBC database. In these cases, so long as the local association holds a temporary record of registration and has received payment for registration (for players), Ringette BC membership shall apply.

Yes. BC Ringette’s policy provides Directors and Officers (D&O) Errors and Omissions Liability coverage up to $2,000,000. This $2,000,000 is for compensatory damages claims and lawsuits only. This means if your board is sued for a sum of money, then the policy will be triggered.

No. Only registered members of BC Ringette are covered by the membership insurance program.

BC Ringette’s general liability coverage of $8,000,000 protects your association, but may not extend to cover the instructors unless they are registered BC Ringette members and have received the proper approval in writing. In order to provide the participants with Participant Accident coverage, the clinic must be sanctioned by the local association and all participants must registered members of BC Ringette.

Yes, provided the activity is a generally accepted, ringette-related activity and is endorsed by your local association. Our coverage is quite flexible in terms of providing insurance for non-ringette specific activities. As an example, dryland training activities which often involve other “sport” activities like rollerblading, running, gym ringette, aerobics or exercising in a gym are covered.

Your local association must provide insurance coverage for the activity, especially if a certificate of insurance is requested by the venue where your event is being held. For special events featuring activities outside of those typically insured by BC Ringette, contact BC Ringette for details for obtaining on separate special event coverage.

All accidents must be reported to BC Ringette using the online Accident & Injury Report Form within 30 days of the accident. Claims for expenses related to the accident should be submitted within 90 days of the accident. Simply fill in a claim form, which is available online in our membership insurance section. Attach any receipts and submit to All Sport Insurance (details on form).

Yes. All on-ice participants at practices and events must wear a CSA approved helmet. Exemption to this policy may be requested on the basis that the wearing of a helmet would interfere with the observance of a religious custom. The process for applying for an exemption is found in BCRA’s Policy Manual (Section H. Technical development, Athletes & Sport – 4. Safety)

Yes. Due to changes to the Insurance Act, drivers transporting children and others can be held liable for any injuries sustained by passengers in their own vehicle, as well as those of a third party, when involved in an at fault accident. We consider this to be a major exposure and strongly recommend that you review your automobile policy liability limits for adequacy. BC Ringette provides no protection in this area.