This is the RINGETTE BC FAQ page for everything and anything that might come up through out the season. If you have a question that is not found in the FAQ list please contact the Ringette BC office.

To find your NCCP# go to the Coaching Association of Canada’s (CAC) database called “the Locker”. This number is with you for life and applies to all sports not just ringette. If you have coached hockey or soccer or high school sports and taken coaching courses they all go into your profile with CAC. To get to the Locker site click the link below.

Once there you will see a link for “Lookup my NCCP#”.

Local Association and League Coach coordinators should have NCCP# for every coach that is currently part of a team’s bench staff on record. It is advised to have NCCP# for your on ice Ringette Instructors as well.
When a coach applies to coach a team they need to provide an NCCP# to the Coach Coordinator. Coach Coordinators can then use the NCCP # to confirm if a coach has the correct coaching level of certification for the team they have applied to coach. In addition they will be able to confirm if a coach has completed any supplementary training such as Prevention in Motion and Making Ethical Decisions.

To look up a coaches transcript with the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) visit the public transcript page:

Once there enter the coaches number and their last name and you will be able to view their public transcript.

To register for Coaching courses for the 2016-2017 season such as Community Sport Initiative (CSI) and Competition Introduction (CI) please got to:

To register for Referee courses for the 2016-2017 season such as level 1, level 2/3 and evaluator courses please got to:

If you are looking to apply for a release for your child to play in an Association outside of your Home Association. You must first submit your child’s registration to your Home Association. Once the registration has been submitted to the Home Association you can complete the online Release Application Form with Ringette BC.

The Home association is the Ringette association with which a player is required to register with pursuant of Policy Section D.

Reminder, when registering your child you must provide Proof of Residency to the Association.  Residency is defined as the place where a player lives the majority of the time.

Please got to the OFFICE tab and under ONLINE FORMS you will find the release application form.

You can find the complete list of Tournaments, Events and Critical dates on the Memo Board:

The document found there lists everything you could need to plan your Ringette Season for the 2016-2017 year.