Help Support the Development of Ringette in BC!

Ringette BC is the Provincial Sport Organization for ringette in British Columbia and delivers ringette across the province, from Prince George to Kelowna, to Vancouver Island to Metro Vancouver, and all the communities in between. Ringette BC is comprised of over 2,500 ringette athletes and participants and membership includes coaches, referees, and volunteers to culminate in a membership of over 3,000 individuals. Ringette BC offers programming to participants from 4 years of age to 18+ and 35+ .

BC Amateur Sport Fund has partnered with Ringette BC to raise money to increase the capacity of BC Ringette to be able to provide more programming and increase its marketing and promotion with the aim of increasing participation. Donations will used towards offering more programming, hiring more staff, and marketing the sport more widely and consistently. Your support will help the sport of Ringette in BC grow across the province and will aid in developing athletes that will go on to compete at national and international levels.