You have questions – and we’re here to help you find answers! We’ve compiled a number of the most frequently asked questions we get and have listed them below with links to the answers. If you still don’t see your question below, please scroll to the section below with questions you can ask your local Association, League, or Zone!

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General FAQs

Ringette BC, as the Provincial Ringette Organization for British Columbia, delivers ringette across the province in partnership with our 4 Leagues and 20 local ringette Associations located throughout the province.

Each level of our sport in BC is responsible for different aspects of it. In order to better inform our membership as to what each group does, we’ve created this FAQ chart and questions for you to direct to our Leagues, local Associations, and Zones to ensure you receive the most efficient and effective service delivery.

Ringette BC

Please click here to visit our staff page and see which Ringette BC staff person may be best equipped to answer your question.


Please remember that our Ringette BC staff are involved in the ringette community in many capacities, including coaching, officiating, administrating, and their staff positions. When our staff is at the arena, unless it has been communicated that they are a point of contact for that specific event taking place, please respect their privacy and contact them through the standard communication channels of email and phone listed at the link above. Thank you for your understanding.

Please click here to meet our Board of Directors.


Leagues are responsible for overseeing League play which includes scheduling games, officials, and maintaining League standings. They act as a liaison between Club Associations in their geographic area and Ringette BC.


League President – Melinda Hrvatin


League President: Lisa Smith


League President: Carmen Larsen

(there isn’t currently a League on Vancouver Island – please contact these Associations instead if you’re on the island:


President: Arran Arthur


President: Laura Tighe

  • Where can I find the league game or play weekend schedule?
  • How do I reschedule a game?
  • What do I do if I have concerns about a coach, ref, or player during a league game?
  • How can I get involved in my league?
  • What pathways are available for athletes at the local level?
  • How do I file a complaint related to league play?
  • What is your league policy on athlete absence?
  • What is the player pick-up policy for league play?
  • How do I try ringette?


The Zone program is a regionally based, competitive stream for athletes aiming for high performance options at the U14, U16, or U19 levels. Zone teams are created from competitive players from multiple ringette Club Associations. The goal of the Zone program is to provide high-performance opportunities for motivated players from our Club Associations. There are 7 Zones in BC which are grouped within the following Leagues:

Lower Mainland Ringette League:

  • Zone 1: Coquitlam-Moody RA, Port Coquitlam Ridge Meadows RA
  • Zone 2: Richmond RA, Delta RA, Vancouver RA
  • Zone 3: Burnaby New Westminister RA, North West Vancouver RA
  • Zone 4: Surrey White Rock RA, Chilliwack RA, Fraser Valley RA

Thompson Okanagan Ringette League:

  • Zone 5: Greater Vernonr RA, Shuswap RA
  • Zone 6: Kelowna RA, Westside RA

Northern Ringette League:

  • Zone 7: Terrace RA, Houston RA
  • Zone 8: Prince George RA, Quesnel RA

Island Ringette League:

  • Zone 9: Comox Valley RA, Greater Victoria RA, Port Alberni RA

Zone 1 Coordinator
Corrine Jones –

Zone 2 Coordinators
Shanna Keen –
Melinda Hrvatin –
Tanis Tapley –

Zone 3 Coordinators
Jill Pilkington –
Eunice Cho –

Zone 4 Coordinator
Diana Place –

Zone 5 Coordinator
Courtney King –

Zone 6 Coordinators
Tessa Russell –
Nathan Kurjata –

Zone 8 Coordinator
Deanna McLeod –

*Zones 7 & 9 have not yet been able to form Zone teams.

  • How do I apply to coach in Zone?
  • How do I register for Zone tryouts?
  • What can I expect at Zone tryouts?
  • Where will practices and games take place?
  • Questions related to Zone guidelines
  • What does it cost to play Zone?


Associations are the grassroots organizations that deliver ringette programs in local communities. Participants register in their local community to participate. They are responsible for creating teams for play and advising Leagues and Ringette BC of their team formations for the season. They oversee and manage discipline and complaints at the local level. They work with neighbouring Associations on the formation of Zone teams.

You can find the contact information for all of our Club Associations HERE

  • How do I schedule an evaluation as an on-ice official?
  • I need a Criminal Record Check – Vulnerable Sector – how do I do this?
  • How do I register?
  • What are the volunteer requirements?
  • What opportunities are available for development in addition to my regular practices?
  • What is my practice schedule?
  • How can I get involved in my local Association?
  • How do I file a complaint about a local coach, parent, or athlete?
  • How do I get involved in coaching mentorship?
  • How do I get involved in officiating mentorship?
  • Where can I get ringette equipment locally?