Come Try Ringette Online Training Module

Never run a Come Try Ringette before? Not a problem! Ringette Canada has developed an online Come Try Ringette Training module for local ringette association volunteers to take to help learn the ins and outs of how to organize a successful Come Try Ringette. 

To complete the online training, click the link NOW!

The English coupon code is 7115A3.

The French coupon code is  1FCED5.

Come Try Ringette Timeline

Are you interested in hosting a Come Try Ringette event? Here is a timeline of events to help you out!

  • 6-8 Weeks Before

    Book Facilities

    You need a minimum of two hours.

    • 0.5 hours: Display Set-Up and Preparation
    • 1.0 hours: On-Ice Instruction
    • 0.5 hours: Answering Parent Questions and Take Down Display
  • 6-8 Weeks Before

    Fill Out Event Form

    Fill out THIS EVENT FORM and email it to

    The event information will then be posted on the COME TRY RINGETTE website for participants to register.

    The email account indicated in the event form will receive email notifications with each participant’s registration information.

    6-8 Weeks Before

  • 4-6 Weeks Before

    Initiate Your Formal Promotion Plan

    Share your event information on social media and other websites/public displays to push registration.

    Ensure you have enough promotional material from Ringette BC. If you require more (drawstring bags, stickers, activity books, temporary tattoos, sunglasses), please email




  • 4-6 Weeks Before

    Orders and Arrangements

    Reserve the Come Try Ringette display unit.

    Order/arrange for refreshments for parents and participants.

    Order/arrange for equipment, sticks, and rings to be available at the location of your event.


    2021 DOM Ringette Equipment Special Pricing

    4-6 Weeks Before

  • 4-6 Weeks Before

    Schedule Your On-Ice Instructors and Volunteers

    Aim to have:

    • 1-2 on-ice leaders
    • 1-4 on-ice helpers (depending on how many participants register for the event)
    • 2-3 off-ice volunteers for the information booth
    • 1 off-ice volunteer responsible for equipment
  • 2-4 Weeks Before

    Keep Track of Pre-Event Registrations

    Monitor pre-event registrations following initial promotion efforts.

    Start creating a sign-in sheet as more registrations come through.

    2-4 Weeks Before

  • 2-4 Weeks Before

    Reconfirm Instructors and Volunteers

    Ensure that instructors and volunteers are still available to help out at the event.

  • 1 Week Before the Event

    1 Week Before the Event

  • Event Day

    Booth Set-Up and On-Ice Instruction

    Set up Come Try Ringette display and information table in arena lobby or common area. Be ready to welcome and sign in participants at least 30 minutes before the ice time begins. Ensure that you have additional forms available for walk-ups.

    Have volunteers greet participants and lead them to the dressing room.

    Create name tags for participants.

    Direct parents to viewing area and have volunteers available for answering questions.

    Conduct on-ice session.

    As participants leave, hand out goodie bags and thank them for coming. Keep track of season registrations, if applicable.



    CTR lesson plans session 1

    CTR lesson plans session 2

    CTR lesson plans session 3

    CTR lesson plans for new skaters

    CTR safety

  • After the Event


    Follow up with parents about how to register for the ringette season.

    Thank instructors and volunteers.

    After the Event

  • After the Event