Manager Responsibility and Team Funds

It is extremely important that all managers set up Team Bank accounts (rather than using personal individual bank accounts) and that all bank accounts have two signing authorities required for every cheque or withdrawal from the bank account. Those signing authorities can not sign blank cheques and only sign cheques once they have seen (and initialed) the backup invoices or documentation to identify what is actually being paid.

It is recommended that all team managers provide their team players or guardians with a budget at the beginning of the year, and a final accounting at the end of the year, to show how funds were disbursed, including how all receipts were recorded. All books and records are to be open to all associated with the team in the event that anyone wants to see how the transactions have occurred. Please read an excerpt from the Manager’s Certification Program regarding team bank accounts.

Manager’s Certification Program

All team managers are required to be certified through Ringette Canada’s Manager’s Certification Program.

Ringette has developed a complete training program for managers in order to address the special skills which managers must have in order to perform their job. This managerial “course” has been designed specifically for those who may not wish to coach, yet wish to contribute and be involved in a team’s organization. The Manager’s Certification Program is a completely online program and is available directly from Ringette Canada through the website.


The goal of this program is to provide training and information for individuals whose role in the sport falls under the largely administrative role of the team manager.

Structure of the Program

The Manager’s Certification Program (M.C.P.) of Ringette Canada shall operate as follows:

  1. The M.C.P. will fall under the jurisdiction of the Vice-President Coaching and Athlete Development and the Coaching and Athlete Development Committee of Ringette Canada.
  2. Each province or territory will appoint an individual who will be responsible for the coordination of the program. (This would likely be the Director of Coaching or the Director of Sport Development.)
  3. All managers, coaches, and administrators or other interested individuals are eligible to participate in the program.
  4. M.C.P. manuals can be purchased by provincial or territorial associations from Ringette Canada.
  5. Individuals participating in the program will forward completed assignments to Ringette Canada for evaluation and potential certification.
  6. Names of successful participants will be registered in the Manager’s Certification Program and receive a certificate, crest, and wallet card.