Children’s Ringette

Creating Developmentally Appropriate Opportunities and Meaningful Competition

  • Children’s Ringette is a program that provides age and stage appropriate physical activity experiences for young ringette players under the age of 10.

  • The Children’s Ringette program is focused on creating opportunities that focus on:

    • age & stage appropriate activities
    • focus on fun and play
    • grouping children based on skill & readiness
    • maximum participation & engagement
    • opportunities to practice learned skills
    • adapted game play (small area games & small nets)
  • The Children’s Ringette Divisions

    There are three divisions in Children’s Ringette, FUNdamentals 1, FUNdamentals 2, and U10.

    FUNdamentals 1 is for children who are new to ringette or skating, learning basic game structure, and still developing basic skills, this group plays cross-ice.

    FUNdamentals 2 is for children who are learning to lengthen their stride, ready to learn more rules of ringette, and have developed some basic skills, this group plays Mini Ringette.

    U10 is for children who demonstrate that they have acquired the physical, cognitive, and social readiness for more challenging play, this group plays full sized ringette.

    Both FUNdamentals 1 & 2 divisions use small sized nets and play adapted games of 3 on 3 and 4 on 4 respectively. Smaller spaces ensure more touches, interactions, shots on net and passes. Teams are split into smaller squads to ensure the majority of players are participating at a time. With these adaptations in the FUNdamentals divisions, children are able to experience maximum participation, practice learned skills and move through divisions based on skill and readiness.

  • General Information

    A Letter to Parents, Guardians and Families – a brief overview of the changes that were implemented by Ringette BC at the start of the 2018-2019 season

    Children’s Ringette Presentation –  a PowerPoint presented at the 2018 Ringette BC AGM & Conference reviewing the purpose and explaining the format of FUNdamentals

    Children’s Ringette Webinar – presented at the beginning of the 2018-19 season reviewing the purpose, the format, and the resources available in FUNdamentals

Check out these videos below to learn about some of the research behind the Children’s Ringette program, and to see what other sports are doing.

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