U12 Division Information

All U12 Teams are to submit their TEAM ORDINAL CHART to their League and the Ringette BC Office by December 1st as part of the team formation process.
All tournaments hosting U12 Teams should request the Team Ordinal as part of their registration process.

Reminder each player is to receive an individual player ordinal that is combined with their team mates to achieve the team ordinal. All U12 aged players are to be given a team ordinal and all teams are to use the Ringette BC U12 Performance Criteria. If you have questions or concerns please speak to your Director of Coaching, Player Development Coordinator or the lead for Evaluations for your Home Association.

If League or Associations have questions please contact Amanda Pukalo at amandapukalo@bcringette.org.

U12 Competition Introduction Program

  • The U12 Competition Introduction Program is a program that provides U12 aged participants the opportunity for further skill development and to get a taste of the competitive stream of play before they opt-in at U14.

    The Competitive Introduction Program focuses on skill development, ringette specific skills (shooting, passing, receiving the ring), physical literacy, and basic ringette strategy including both offensive and defensive tactics.

    The program exemplifies ethics, fairplay, and the TrueSport Principles working not only on ringette skills but also on psychological and mental skills. Throughout the program, coaches will emphasize individual and team goal-setting and will strive for improvement and growth.

    The 2022/2023 U12 CI Tournament will be held in Richmond, BC January 27th – 29th, 2023.   For more information please contact amandapukalo@bcringette.org