Mental Health Resources

Ringette BC strives to create a safe space for our athletes, coaches and administrators. Part of this, is making sure that athletes have access to resources they need in order to care for their mental health. In addition to committing to include mental health in all of our programming, the following resources are available to athletes, coaches and administrators.

Canadian Centre for Mental Health in Sport

PacificSport Okanagan Mental Health Resources

Mental Wellness Resources

  • Where to find help in BC
  • 4 Handouts for common mental health concerns in sport
  • National and regional associations for more information

Canadian Sport Psychology Association

  • Website
    • search through useful resources

Bell Let’s Talk Toolkit

  • Website
    • find useful resources and tips such as
      • Conversation Guide – tips to have a discussion about your own mental health, or to have a conversation with someone you might be worried abiout
      • Tools for teachers and students
      • Self-Care tips and activities

Relevant Organizations and Websites