During the 2020-2021 ringette season Ringette BC hosted a Virtual Excellence Ringette Program to athletes in U16 and U19 from across the Province of BC.

The Program was open to anyone that wanted to participate and offered participants the opportunity to participate in a virtual training experience.

The Virtual Excellence Ringette Program came about due to COVID-19, the limited access to facilities, and the requirements by Provincial Health Authorities to maintain physical and social distancing Ringette BC offered a virtual experience for the Excellence Ringette Program. To be a part of the virtual program for the 2020-2021 season, athletes did not have to complete the in person assessment, and can register on an ongoing basis from June to December.

for the Virtual Excellence Ringette Program

Virtual Excellence Ringette Program

Athletes will receive access to the athlete app, virtual training, high performance coaching, and sessions lead by sport professionals. Ringette BC will host 1-2 Virtual Training Camps, and monthly webinars.

Virtual sessions will consist of a series of 1-1.5 hour webinars on topics including, but not limited to

  • Sport Psychology and Mental Training
  • Nutrition
  • Game Film
  • Chalk Talk and Ringette Strategy
  • Off-Ice Ringette training

2020-2021 Excellence Ringette Virtual Program

  • June – Athlete Registration and Orientation
  • July – Virtual Training begins
  • August – Virtual Training Camp
  • September-March – monthly virtual webinars

As restrictions are lifted, and we are able to host larger, in person events, Ringette BC will host the in person assessments for the Excellence Ringette Program. Athletes who complete the in-person assessments, and meet the physical standards, will then attend the in-person training camps. Athletes who do not meet the physical standards will continue to have access to the virtual program for the remainder of the season.